2. division damer: Horsens IC - Odense Basketball Klub

10. marts 2019, 19.27

We taking the win back to Odense from Horsens 🏀💪🏻 44-51!!!

“The game started at both sides with a really intensity pace where Odense created the open shots/layup but forgot to finish it 🙄, both teams played aggressive defense and that’s why the first period ends in a 7-7 😲. In the second period forgot we to finishing the open shots but with our good defense went we into halftime with 18-19 ahead. After halftime we played more better and could we make some fast breaks and open shots, Horsens didn’t gave up and we finished the 3th period with 33-33! The 4th period was Odense better, fresher and smarter to run away from Horsens with good defense and offense. Where we lose the first home game against them with 25pt ends now in a 44-51 win for Odense! 🏀💪🏻 Great teamwork from the women’s team

Periods are: 7-7/11-12/15-14/11-18

Box scores: Emma Bendix 24, Szisi 11, Michelle 6, Marie Messell 3, Caroline 3, Line 2, Natasja 2