1. Herrer (2. Division)

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Meet the Men’s 1st team of Odense Basketball Club!

This years men’s 1st team has 1 goal in mind... Win the 2nd division and move to 1st. It has been stated and agreed upon and the talent level is proof of that. 

Last year the Odense men’s 1st team was a combination of new faces, coach included. We managed to find ourselves in a respectable 4th place to finish and the players to get that done have returned. 

The players

Brian Amondo Ashoya 

If you turn your head or blink too long... He’s gone. Brian is a returning player that is the fastest person on our team and brings that energy and quickness on every possession.

Oliver Andersen

We welcome back a solid improved player from Svendborg’s 1st division team. Oliver is a bully on the court that does what he wants with his opponents and as local as they come.

Dwayne Brown 

Every great NBA championship team has an American on it and Odense has one too. Dwayne is returning as a playing coach that has been with the club since he arrived in Denmark.

Daniel Clausen

If looks could be deceiving. Many of our opponents last year underestimated Daniel only to find themselves watching a 3 go through the hoop or turnover they didn’t intend to make.

Allen Grunitzky

Adding to an already talented big man group is a player that is unstoppable 4ft from the basket. Allen adds depth and experience that is needed for any team to be successful.

Jekabs Paipa

Playing with passion and giving everything he has is the only way he knows how to play basketball. Jekabs is back and will be a force to be reckoned with this year and in upcoming seasons.

Miks Roga

This returning player stays cool, calm and collected when running the floor, pulling the three or locking down on defense. Miks uses his length and ability to make the game look effortless.

Ruben Foldager Scharff 

A.K.A. “The Kid”... Ruben is the youngest on the team but his game is beyond his years. He will be getting the experience and strength he needs to be an even better player in the years to come.

Povilas Urbonas

Rounding out a core group of returning players is a defensive big man specialist and unsuspecting scorer. Povilas works hard on both ends of the floor and plays for the win.

Kampe og resultater:


Træning (1. Herrer (2. Division))
21:00 - 22:30 torsdag 20. jun
H.C. Andersen Skolen, Tjørnehaven 175, 5240 Odense NØ
Træning (1. Herrer (2. Division))
18:30 - 20:00 mandag 24. jun
H.C. Andersen Skolen, Tjørnehaven 175, 5240 Odense NØ
Dwayne Brown
60 48 47 25