1. herrer vinder deres 2. kamp

22. oktober 2018, 16.29

Odenses 1. herrer formår at sikre sig 2. sejr: 

Til Kampen siger træner Dwayne Brown: 

"Odense men’s 1st team (1-0)was on the road to face off with a familiar division 2 team in AUS(0–1). AUS was coming off of a road loss against Vejen and was pumped up for its first home game of the season. 

Odense men’s team had come ready for the challenge and found itself holding a 10-12 point lead through three quarters. But AUS, feeling its back against the wall, went on a run in the 4th quarter getting within 1 point of the Odense lead 72-73. After a timeout and discussion the Odense men’s 1st team took the game under control with some key shots and defensive stops that found them well in control of the game with 2 minutes left. The play of the game goes to “The Kid” who, with 10 seconds left on the clock put an AUS player in the mixer for 2, to finish off a well played game by the entire team."

1. herrer vinder 94:82!