Storsejr til dameholdet og klubbens oldboys

30. januar 2020, 22.32

Det lørdag, det er H.C. Andersen hallen➡️ og selvfølgelig er der 🏀 i hallen🤩❗️ Odense Basketball Klub 2 🆚 Viby Basket 2 Odense Basketball Klub Damer 🆚 AUS 2

3. Divisionskampen mellem Odenses oldboys-hold og Viby's reserve skulle vise sig at være en meget afklaret kamp. Efter 40 min. hedder resultatet:

Odense Basketball Klub 2 1️⃣0️⃣9️⃣-5️⃣4️⃣ Viby Basket 2 

(Odense Basketball Klub 2 - efter sejren over Viby 2 hilser de gamle gutter fra toppen af 3. Division Vest)

Odenses damer formåede også at sende AUS reserve hjem med et blowout😎💪

Til damernes kamp fortæller headcoach Kim Malfroy

"The Odense Ladies team matched up against Aarhus 2, or the first ranked against the last ranked team. Odense started best on the game with good shot decisions and no selfishness but looking for the extra pass to have an open shot that lead us to a 9-2 after 2 minutes. Our good TEAM defence, ball screen defence, weak side help, trapping, led us to a comfortable 25-8 after the first period.

In the second period started we less focused and AUS made some easy scores, time to get the heads back focused, but it was a tight period where Odense couldn’t find the gaps, missed easy layups, bad decisions. The Ladies finished the the period with 13-8 and with a comfortable 38-16 with halftime.

After the break played we like the first period with good basketball, we rotated constantly with 9 players to keep the high energy where every player did more than expected, the good team defence, fast breaks, trapping on the ball, diving to the ball, ball movement,… led us to another big win 74-27.

It’s really impressive what this team can do, we are averaging 60 pts in offence and 35 pts in defence! That makes us the best offence and defence in the series.  They are making a lot of progression and they deserve more attention from the fans. Our biggest challenge for the title would be Aalborg where both teams beat each other and have only 1 loss out of 7 games.  To all the fans, we need your support to do what the ladies team would achieve this season. Being Champion!!!

Every player had a piece of the cake😃"

(Dameholdet sikrer sig den næste sejr og står a-point med Aalborgs damer, men pga. bedre pointscore hilser damerne fra en 1. plads i 2. Division Vest)

Spillerstats damer:  Szisi 4 Giedre 14 Vir 5 Rikke 5 Marie 5 Michelle 10 Line 8 Emma 17 Mona 6

Pointfordeling perioder 1. Periode: 25-8 2. Periode: 13-8 3. Periode: 17-6 4. Periode: 19-5

Slutresultat: 7️⃣4️⃣-2️⃣7️⃣